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Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD is a hi-tech, innovative company. At the heart of our activity – usage of scientific achievements of cryptocurrency mining and processes of the blockchain algorithms optimisation providing harmonious and maximum efficiency of work of all company divisions.

Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD – the American way of achievement of any purposes regardless of the prevailing circumstances and it is the American quality of products and services.

Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD - the multi-purpose, professionally configured financial mechanism united in the uniform system of a profit generating by means of the international, highly skilled experts team capable to solve any problems associated with mining and trading cryptocurrency and the fiat funds and also the first-class experts capable in the shortest possible time to optimise trading processes for obtaining the best commercial results. Our company works at the North American market since 2014, successfully increasing the number of clients and earning high business reputation and the best business recommendations. And now has come the time for expansion worldwide of values, vision and the strategy of the strengthened and formed of a business project by means of the best in the world information technologies.

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What does the company do? Crypto Bulls accumulates money of investors and then puts them for the purpose of the maximum possible profit receiving. The more an investment pool which we collect the is easier to create additional profit and the our activity is more active and more effective. We can buy the equipment, adjust it, applying own algorithms and to start the process of cryptocurrency mining. And the more the investment pool, the is more powerful a mining farm, which we are capable to construct and start to get a profit.

We can create a powerful trading association, is influential acting on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and, concluding future contracts, to speculate with the cryptocurrency funds. The more money we invest in such future contracts, the more our influence and it is more favorable than a possibility of work at the exchanges. And, respectively, we earn more both for ourselves and for investors.

We can create the system of control and optimization of trading processes which are performs at the speculative operations with cryptocurrency or with fiat money. For this purpose we buy both as already developed technologies of optimization, and we invest money in an own developments that raises total profit.

We control each stage of our business and we achieve of the greatest possible profit.

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Any investment will bring a profit with guarantee. This is how we build exactly our relationship with investors. We say: “You can make more money at the Internet if you invest in our company”. And it is all what you need. We are able to dispose correctly of investments, carefully and safely distributing money in the best investment pools. We work precisely and unmistakably, we understand that trust and safety of clients – our most powerful motivation for improvement of an own work.

We have created the online project on the basis of which any investor, from any country of the world will be able to find for himself the most convenient option of investing. It is really the best solution for those who look for the passive earnings. Without excess questions, safely, confidentially and professionally.

Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD – Your reliable partner and defender of your business interests. Creating of the personal account on our website – the main condition to start process of cooperation which will make for each of you profit and wellbeing with guarantee. We create mutually advantageous business, consolidating the interests of investors and the company, mutually strengthening positions and reaching vertices of progress and wellbeing.

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Briefly about company

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  • Company number: 001373565
  • Date of issue: 6 Mar 2018
  • Expired term: 9 Mar 2021
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Investment portfolio

Harmonious connecting of several commercial directions in a uniform business it is a difficult task which is accomplished with honor by Crypto Bulls Asset Management LTD. We confidently and productively advance business to new achievements, creating jobs and increasing the company and clients profit. Choosing cooperation with Crypto Bulls, you choose reliability and safety along with a high profitability.


The Crypto Bulls traders professionally and accurately performs trading of cryptocurrency pairs at the cryptocurrency exchanges of the world, making use of experience of performing speculative deals and software methods for predicting the change in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies.


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Transformation of assets with receiving of a profit – our new business direction. Many exchange assets are secured with directly by the cryptocurrency funds. We use a situation and we conclude a good deals as holders of cryptocurrency.

Futures contracts

The most perspective of business direction which has gained recognition in a number of the leading countries of the world as the full-fledged financial tool used in the course of transformation of cryptocurrency assets and receiving of a high total profit.



One of the most important features of cooperation process – complete safety of the performing transactions. For this purpose we use the data encryption protocols developed by the leading world companies in this branch that does all processes most protected and unavailable to an external interference.

Sense of duty

We deeply appreciate investors confidence and we believe that in the course of cooperation there are no trifles. Each stride, each action of the client is of absolute importance for us.


Process of the money placement to the company program, creating of investments or other financial transactions, everything occurs instantaneously, without waste precious time of our investors.


Equal opportunities for all and a personal approach to each client. We create conditions under which investment is performs in the atmosphere of trust and friendliness.

Show respect. This the most important in creating of strong communications between each client and the company. We build the relationship based on respect and common of interests and the purposes. Exactly in a such way reaching the maximum efficiency and domination in branch. What gives us the best conditions for advance of business in any country of the world.

The lack of doubts, reasonable and sensible care at the performing of transactions and respect for each client is a chain of factors which strongly connect our values and our vision of the further cooperation prospects. We are leaders and we do everything possible that our business remained successful and safe in the most long term. And our confidence and professionalism finding the reflection in trust and mutual respect which are shown to the company by our investors.

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